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4 Reasons Why We Love The Pacific Northwest


When Berty and I got married last May, we were excited to start our newlywed life in one of our favorite places: The Pacific Northwest. When Berty became a photographer full-time, there was really nothing holding us down from staying here in Seattle. However, we find that every day we meet a new friend or see a new place...there's no way we're done exploring here! The PNW is packed with everything adventure-lovers like us could want or need - we definitely won't run out of things to do!

When I think about what I love most about the Pacific Northwest, there are 4 topics that keep coming up: its natural diversity, inspiring people, endless adventure, and countless opportunity. Each of these hold a special place in our hearts. We have met the greatest of friends here. The kind of people you know will be in your life until you're old! Additionally, our Seattle apartment is within 3 hours from everything we love – the coast, mountains, waterfalls, plains, and even other large cities! Every time we go out for a hike, there seem to be 10 new trails to discover. The trail list never ends! Finally, the opportunity for Berty to become a full-time photographer here has been such a fun ride. Read more below about why this place is so special to us!

Here are 4 (of many) reasons why we are in love



Where else in the world can you find giant waterfalls, long stretches of fields, ocean waves, and multiple mountain ranges? (Not to mention volcanoes too!) The longer we live here, the more we discover we will never run out of places to explore. Some spots on our bucket list for 2017 are hiking hidden waterfalls like Wallace Falls and Twin Falls. We also want to do an overnight stay at the Mt. Pilchuck lookout and watch the sunrise. There are so many places to see! Berty and I can see our calendar filling up very quickly with places to explore and hikes to experience. We feel so lucky to live in an area where we can head to the ocean on a quick day trip or the opposite direction into the mountains. The gods must have spent just a little more time in the Pacific Northwest. :)


Just yesterday, we were at Coeur Coffee in Spokane, and Berty called up his friend Cory to come join us for a drink. It was my first time meeting him. When he arrived, I reached out my hand for a handshake but instead Cory went straight for a hug! It reminded me why we love people in this area so much. Cory was eager to know me, (as I was to know him!) and we walked away from that morning with a friend gained. 

Much like yesterday, it seems like every day we meet inspiring, goal-oriented people in the Pacific Northwest. They have such a passion to explore the world, and take advantage of every chance to learn and grow. There's something unique about people who live here. They are willing to put in the effort to have authentic relationships, to know and be known. I think that’s what makes the Pacific Northwest special.

Visit here and you’ll likely return home with genuine friendships!


Berty and I believe that there is something for everyone in the Pacific Northwest. Are you an adrenaline junkie? Try Skydiving in Snohomish or hiking down to Palouse Falls. Better yet, you can go whitewater rafting down several Washington rivers!  Want a bit of PNW history and culture? Berty and I are planning on returning to the ghost town of Monte Cristo sometime this year. We also want to try a whale watching tour in the Puget Sound! Are you a backpacker? There are countless ways you can get to the Cascade Mountains - with or without a guide program. Some of the ones we know about are Beyond Malibu and Peak 7 Adventures (to only name 2 of so many!) Kayakers, snowshoers, skiiers, hikers, and many more will be astounded by the variety of activities in the Pacific Northwest.



One of the most fortuitous things Berty and I experience here is the amount of opportunities the PNW has to offer. We are able to work and collaborate with so many awesome brands, companies, and organizations that find their roots here in the Pacific Northwest. Berty, being a wedding and adventure photographer has stunning scenery around every corner to create beautiful photos for his clients. Finally, the Pacific Northwest is a community where people can have their voices heard and work together for exceptional change within our cities. Some of the most influential and inspiring people live here - the kind of people who chase their dreams and only settle for the best!

We are Berty and Emily Mandagie! Our website, TheMandagies.com is where we share adventures in our home, the Pacific Northwest, and beyond. We want to reveal how travel can be possible for anyone and everyone. Our desire is to inspire, empower, and equip you to take on your adventures - big or small!