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What We’re Thankful For This Thanksgiving



With Thanksgiving just a few days away, here at Ivar’s we’re feeling clamtastically thankful for a lot! In honor of the holiday dedicated to giving thanks, we wanted to share a list of what we’ll be thinking of while gobbling up a turkey dinner with friends and family.

  • Our clam-tastic customers! The Ivar’s clam-ily just wouldn’t be the same without all of you. We’re thankful for our old and new, near and far customers, who keep us going and put smiles on our faces every day!
  • Our employees. There isn’t a day that goes by where we aren’t thankful for the wonderful faces behind every one of our locations. We love their dedication to making Ivar’s Restaurants must-visit spots. They remember hundreds of guests’ names, exceed expectations in customer service, and prepare the best seafood that has guests returning again and again. Our #1 asset is our staff!
  • Our flounder, Ivar Haglund. Ivar’s truly wouldn’t be the same (or here!) without our flounder, Ivar. His quirky sense of humor gives us fish puns ‘a plenty, his strong connection to the community is why we love giving back, and his love for seafood is the reason why we’ve been a Northwest favorite for over 81 years.
  • The Pacific Northwest and our partners. As a resident of the Pacific Northwest, we’re grateful for the local partners and suppliers we get to work with - to name a few: Alaskan Leader, Penn Cove Shellfish, Uli’s Famous Sausage, Draper Valley Farms, Carlton Farms, Merv Dykstra Farm and more.These lovely family-owned ranches, fisheries, farms and companies bring us the highest-quality food that we’re proud to serve you.
  • Seagulls! Everyone knows Ivar was a big fin of seagulls (and not afraid to share a fry or two). We’re thankful for the company they keep when dining outside at our waterfront locations, they’re always there in case a crumb falls to the ground.
  • Our chowder, of course. How could we not include our favorite food group, chowder?! There’s something special about enjoying a cup of our award-winning chowder with good company. Whether you choose our famous Puget Sound Style Clam Chowder, Clam-hattan Style Red Clam Chowder or Wild Alaskan Smoked Salmon Chowder, you’re sure to be satisfied.

There are so many things we’re thankful for, and these are just a few. This Thanksgiving, we encourage you to pile delicious food on your plate, indulge in a yummy meal and let your loved ones know what you’re thankful for, too.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Ivar’s!