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What’s Trending in 2020: Food Edition


With a new decade comes new trends and here at Ivar’s we love seeing what’s predicted as the next big thing in the culinary world. Today, we’re sharing our top five favorites along with some Ivar’s recommendations you can order to keep up with the times. 

1. Healthy Snacks that Were Once Unconventional

What was once an obscure snack or ingredient in a traditional sushi roll will now make its debut as a go-to for many, according to Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants. Seaweed is nutritious and delicious, and the perfect bite to grab when you’re on the go or craving something salty to enjoy. It’s also a great ingredient or complementary to many dishes. Packed with vitamins A, C, K, B-12 and minerals including calcium, iron, zinc and iodine, seaweed is not only good for you but also good for our environment. In the Pacific Northwest, fisherman harvest seaweed sustainably in the waters surrounding us. Check out our past blog about how to harvest locally. You can also pick it up at a local retailer like Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, PCC Community Markets or Costco!

Ivar’s popular Coconut Shrimp with Seaweed Salad

2. Plant-Based, Alternative Diets and Flexitarian-ism  

Plant-based, alternative diets were hot in 2019 and that’s not stopping in 2020. As Delish rounds up trends, Flexitarians are becoming more and more common. So, for those of you who bounce between loving a surf ‘n turf or a veggie-based meal, we’ve got it all. At Ivar’s Salmon House, our vegetarian lunch and dinner menus include dishes featuring Seattle-based Field Roast, including the Field Roast vegetarian cutlet made with barley, carrots and celery, or the Field Roast veggie burger. Other popular options include portobello caprese sandwich and penne pasta pomodoro. As a Flexitarian, you’ll leave with a full belly when dining at Salmon House. 

3. Kombucha Everywhere 

A popular search online in 2019, Kombucha is making its way into 2020 as a top beverage to enjoy, as POPSUGAR recently noted. It’s perfect as a standalone drink but is also being used as a cocktail mixer. What was once a difficult find in restaurants will soon become common – though  you can order now at Ivar’s Mukilteo Landing! We serve Humm Kombucha in coconut-lime or pom-lemonade, a delicious drink to sip with your Ivar’s meal. 

@hummkombucha on Instagram

4. A Bigger Push for Sustainability 

There’s no question about it – many of us are using more sustainable ingredients in our recipes or dine at restaurants that include them in their dishes. Food & Wine believes that trend will only grow in 2020. At Ivar’s, sustainable and local sourcing is important to us. Our Fresh Sheet menus curated for each full-service restaurant (Ivar’s Acres of Clams, Salmon House and Mukilteo Landing) are full of dishes with in-season and locally-sourced ingredients, from the wines we serve to the meals prepared for you. In addition to our full service restaurants, our Seafood Bars also feature wild, sustainable Alaska-caught fin fish. But sustainability goes much farther than the food you eat. A year before Seattle’s official plastic ban was in effect, we tested various plastic alternatives with our staff and, of course, our customers. We’d like to think we lead the school of fish that followed (i.e. fellow local businesses) in bringing plastic alternatives before it was required. 

5. Instagram-worthy Grazing Tables 

We love a good IG-worthy food post, and what’s better than those delicious grazing tables that elevate the charcuterie board we all love? At Ivar’s, we admit we don’t have any plans to add a grazing table to our menu (though we feature them in our banquets and select holiday brunch buffets), but we do love viewing the delicious varieties. Perfect for entertaining guests for holidays or parties, these are showstoppers that will see a lot of light in 2020 according to The Kitchn

@marinamcavoy on Instagram

These are just a few of our favorites that we’re looking forward to seeing more of in 2020, and before you know it, we’ll be talking about what’s trending for 2021! But until then, we’ll enjoy what’s here to stay.