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Aw, Shucks! It’s Oyster Time!


They say the world is your oyster, and here at Ivar’s the possibility of ways to enjoy them is endless! If you’re looking for tricks on how to prepare these tasty delicacies, we’re sharing shucking tips and a delicious oyster recipe straight from our kitchen. Try it at home or come dine with us, either way you’re in for a treat. 

Did you know? Our oysters are Northwest grown and raised featuring Pacific, Jumanoto, Olympia and European flat style oysters. They naturally grow in clusters on beaches and traditional sustainable farming techniques closely resemble the wildlife cycle. 

Shucking Oysters

Shucking oysters isn’t so hard, as long as you’re patient – and a good oyster knife helps! To open an oyster, line the palm of your nondominant hand with a folded kitchen towel. If you’re an economist, use your third hand.

Hold the oyster in that hand, hinge facing you, with the flattest side of the oyster up. Hold the oyster knife in your dominant hand (hold the handle, not the blade) and press the hinge of the oyster down onto the blade, wiggling the blade, if necessary, to pry the oyster open. 

When the shell pops open, side the blade under the flat side of the shell, loosening the oyster muscle from the upper shell. Discard the flat side of the shell, then serve the oysters raw (try to keep as much of that yummy juice as possible) or use for Oysters Rockefeller. 

Remember, if you find a pearl, give it to your mother. She’ll shorely appreciate it.

Ivar’s Oysters 

Want to enjoy oysters at Ivar’s? We have you covered with Oysters on the Half Shell, Oysters Rockefeller (Ivar’s Mukilteo Landing) and our Crispy or Pan-Fried Oysters and Chips:

Ivar’s Oysters Rockefeller

Invented by the New Orleans restaurant Antoine’s in 1899, Oysters Rockefeller are named after the famously wealthy family because each bite is almost indecently rich. Our version, made with our own bacon, cream, spinach and Pernod, is no exception!

Ivar’s Fried Oysters

A staple at Ivar’s Seafood Bars, enjoy our fried oysters served with “chips” (fries). Forget the shells, these lightly battered shellfish will melt in your mouth. Grab a table at your neighborhood Ivar’s Seafood Bar and give these a try! 

If you’re in the mood to cook at home instead, try out this delicious recipe:

Ivar’s Classic Oyster Stew

Serves 1 


  • 10 oz half and half
  • 8 shucked medium-sized oysters with juices
  • 1 pinch sea salt
  • 1 pinch black pepper
  • 1/2 oz of butter
  • 1 pinch minced parsley
  • 1 sprinkle paprika if desired
  • Sliced baguette, toasted  


  1. Combine half & half and oysters in small pan and bring up to a simmer. Simmer on low for 3 minutes until oysters are heated through. Avoid boiling the soup as this can separate the oysters from the half & half. Season soup to taste with salt and paprika. Serve in a flat soup bowl. Top with butter, parsley and paprika if desired. Best served with your favorite warm toasted bread for dunking. 

Chef’s Note: 

This is a great cool weather soup that feature oysters which are in season and at their peak of plumpness and flavor during the cooler fall and winter months. The recipe is designed with as few ingredients as possible so as to not disturb the delicate and prized flavor or the oysters. Adjust seasonings to suit your tastes, some people might also add a little fresh squeezed lemon or a shot of hot sauce. But most of all enjoy!

As you can see, there are so many ways to enjoy oysters. Stop by any of our locations to try our delicious recipes any time and Keep Clam – we won’t be shell-fish! For more inspiration on oyster recipes, pick up a copy of our cookbook here to try them at home.