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Ivar's Employee Spotlight - Fatima


Ivar’s Employee Spotlight is our newest blog series, which shares the stories – and recognizes – individual, frontline employees. They are the heart and soul of our operations and we are thankful for their contributions. We look forward to sharing more and will continue to update this page.

 We are happy to introduce you to Fatima, Shift Manager at Ivar’s Seafood Bar, who joined our family in 2005. Many of our loyal customers in North Seattle have gotten to know Fatima during her 15-year tenure at our Aurora location.

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Fatima Wilburn, Shift Manager - Ivar’s Seafood Bar, Aurora (Seattle)

Fatima is originally from Cebu City, Philippines, where she earned a degree in Teaching. She moved to Washington State with her husband in 2004 and soon after landed a position with Ivar’s. In 2012, she earned the Assistant Manager position, but eventually decided to reposition herself as a Shift Manager role so she could take online classes.

Guests rave about Fatima with her bubbly, outgoing personality and excellent customer service. Employees also recognize Fatima for her leadership, teamwork and work ethic. Many proudly exclaim that she is fun to be around and has great energy.

Fatima loves to go dancing – though it’s been a while since she’s hit the club – as well as hiking and biking in the mountains. She’s always open to trying new things.

Though we’d love another 15 years with Fatima, she will be leaving us this Friday and moving to Connecticut at the end of the month, looking forward to new adventures. If you get the opportunity, please visit our Aurora/North Seattle Seafood Bar to wish Fatima well in her journeys. We will truly miss her.