Ivar's Chowder at Home Makes A Meal


Enjoy Ivar’s Clam Chowder at home, when hunger calls.

Take home our frozen ready-to-heat 64oz chowder packs for your family — or yourself — today! It's the same, great award-winning clam chowder served in our restaurants. Makes eight 8oz cups.  Available at your neighborhood Ivar's Seafood Bar, order online (for pick-up) or have it delivered.  



Chowder Heating Instructions

1) Thaw chowder overnight under refrigeration

2) Once thawed, cut corner off the bag and pour into a saucepan or kettle.

3) Heat chowder over medium heat, stirring frequently.

4) Allow the chowder to slow-simmer for approximately 10 minutes to allow the chowder to reach 165°.


Refrigerated Shelf Life: 30 days in the original bag; 2-3 days once the bag has been opened.


Make It a Chowder Bowl! Here's an easy Almost No-Knead Bread recipe to bake your own chowder bread bowls, or enjoy sliced.

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