Electrostatic Sanitization at Ivar's

In today's COVID-19 climate, Ivar's is taking extra preventative steps to enhance our guests' comfort and safety when visiting our restaurants whether for dine in, take out or to pick up an order. That's why we utilize Electrostatic Disinfection, a cutting-edge sanitization technology.


All Ivar's restaurants already go through a rigorous cleaning, sanitization and safety procedures, daily. The additional electrostatic disinfection is performed, and an antimicrobial surface protectant applied at each location, as an extra precaution.


What is Electrostatic Disinfection? 

Electrostatic disinfection is the process of spraying a charged mist onto surfaces and objects. The positively charged particles are attracted to all surfaces with forces much stronger than standard gravity. Electrostatically applying these disinfectants and surface protectants causes them to wrap around all the target objects completely and fully adhere to all surfaces. The unique surface protectant used coats and shields our restaurants touch points with microscopic nanospikes making surfaces inhospitable to harmful microbes of any kind. Combined with our rigorous cleaning and disinfection procedures, the surfaces at all Ivar’s Restaurants are as safe as possible. Electrostatic spraying is the best and safest application method available for all areas that have a probability of germs, virus or pathogen build-up.


Our trained crew disinfects and applies Hospital Grade Disinfectants and Food Safe Protectants on the surfaces overnight, including tables, chairs, floors windowsills and doors when no one is in our restaurants. If you have questions please write to us at IvarsCares@KeepClam.com or call Bonnie, our customer service manager, at (206) 467-7643.


Click here to learn more about Electrostatic Disinfection, a service available by our partner and local Northwest company, Fikes.

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